Students work with VIRTUS volunteers honing teamwork skills

Oct 11, 2023

Volunteers from VIRTUS Data Centres gave students a fun opportunity to practise teamwork, a vital skill in today’s professional landscape.

Year 13 students welcomed VIRTUS’s Construction Programme Manager Russell Merry and Data Centre Manager Arthur Howlett to UTC Heathrow, where the pair had a really engaging set of activities up their sleeves!

Students had fun working in teams on tasks such as constructing paper towers using limited resources and navigating blindfolded through an obstacle course (much hilarity ensued…)

All of the activities challenged the students and encouraged them to collaborate, communicate and problem-solve as a team – skills which are the backbone of success in business.

The workshops were delivered as part of the school’s award-winning Digital Futures Programme, which is teaching students the skills they need should they wish to follow a career in the data centre sector, but which are transferrable to a number of careers.

  • The Digital Futures Programme is helping provide a roadmap for the next generation of data centre talent in the UK.
  • As one of the the Digital Futures Programme institutional partners, VIRTUS Data Centres helps support the development and learning of students between the ages of 14-19, sharing the teams’ technical expertise across the spectrum of data centre design, engineering and operations.
  • For more information on the Digital Futures Programme please visit Digital Futures Programme | UTC Heathrow (

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