The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is an MOD sponsored youth organisation run by a CCF School Staff Instructor (SSI) and Outside volunteers who are also RAFAC officers. The aim of the CCF is to enhance the cadet’s personal development, to provide them with opportunities to develop leadership, teamwork, responsibility, self-reliance and resourcefulness. Most important to us is Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence as laid down in the Air Cadet Ethos.
UTC Heathrow initially formed a CCF Royal Air Force Air Cadet unit in September 2014, which has grown in strength year on year, we have a small intake at Heathrow so quality is our main strength. We operate as closely to the ATC curriculum which is designed to stretch and challenge our cadets, but also provide fun and experiences they are unlikely to get anywhere else.

The RAF cadets will learn about principles of flight and airmanship, which they will be able to put to the test when they experience flying. The RAF provide instructors to take the cadets flying in 2 seat fully aerobatic aircraft. As the cadet improves their skills there is the opportunity to apply for a flying scholarship, where the RAF will train the cadet to a standard where they will fly solo and gain their ‘wings’ for their uniform. There are also gliding opportunities too.

There are also annual camps available for qualifying cadets. In 2021, the RAF section went to RAF Benson for one week, where they experienced life on an operational unit, visiting working squadrons and doing fun activities with the RAF Regiment, and also became some of the last cadets to fly in the famous Puma helicopters. There are also opportunities for overseas camps. Six of our cadets went to Gibraltar for 10 days and experienced life on an overseas operational station in 2016. They also had lots of fun with activities such as caving, training with the RAF Police, Dog section and working with the bomb disposal teams and Royal Navy fast boat units.

We also offer qualifications through the cadet vocational qualification organisation (CVQO) where the cadets gain Institute of Leadership and Management qualifications to show evidence of their leadership journey. Cadets are expected to deliver training and lessons under the guidance of the contingent staff.


What are the Costs?

There is no cost for the Blue uniform and a small deposit for green uniform which is purchased by the cadet unit itself. All uniform, with the exception of footwear and combat belt, is provided. There is a small monthly subscriptions and a small fee for activities is charged to cover expenses. All transport, food and accommodation is covered in the cost of any camp.


We start our entry in Year 10 and cadets can stay with us through Year 13, and beyond if continuing in education.



This is an extracurricular activity at UTC Heathrow, so happens on a Wednesday and Thursday from 3.30pm – 5.30pm after college. There are some weekend activities which we attend with the ATC squadrons, we will also be operating through the summer break to bring cadets up to standard to help with intake in September. If you choose to join the CCF, you will be expected to attend on both days per week in order to qualify for upcoming events and activities.


Year 10


Year 12

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