Digital Futures graduate embarks on engineering career at LMG

Nov 23, 2023

A former pupil and pioneering student of UTC Heathrow’s Digital Futures Programme has landed a top-flight apprenticeship at LMG – one of the programme’s founders.

Hassan Elbarbary is one of three apprentices from UTC Heathrow to have started at the firm, having been inspired to work there through the employer contacts they made while at Sixth Form. The students were made aware of the apprenticeship opportunities at LMG, and supported in their applications by UTC Heathrow staff.

Explaining why he choose this role, Hassan said: “I chose to follow a career in security engineering because, first and foremost, it offers an opportunity to play a crucial role in safeguarding people, assets, and information.”

“Security engineers design, implement, and maintain systems that protect against threats, ensuring the safety and privacy of individuals and organisations.”

He choose to go into digital security to enjoy a fulfilling, constantly evolving career with work that is only set to rise in demand.

“This sense of responsibility and the potential to make a meaningful impact on security makes the field highly rewarding,” he says. “Additionally, the demand for security professionals is on the rise, due to increasing security concerns in an interconnected world, providing excellent job prospects and potential for career advancement.

“Furthermore, security engineering is a dynamic and constantly evolving field, offering continuous learning opportunities and the chance to work with cutting-edge technology, making it an attractive choice for those who thrive on intellectual challenges and innovation.”

He thanks UTC Heathrow for opening his eyes to the apprenticeship route, and for supporting him through his application.

“I found out about my apprenticeship through UTCH, as the career advisor regularly sent out apprenticeship opportunities and applications to interested individuals.

“The school played a crucial role in my application process, as I learned about this role through them, and they consistently provided support throughout the application process. Moreover, I developed many of the skills required for this role at UTCH thanks to the various topics I learned, both in the Digital Futures Programme and wider studies, that enhanced my understanding of the position.”

Hassan has been warmly welcomed to LMG, who is one of the eight founding partners who set up the Digital Futures Programme, and is enjoying his role hugely, especially the variety of the role.

“A typical day for me begins at 8am, but the nature of the work, whether it’s maintenance, which can make my day unpredictable, or installation, varies depending on the site. There are occasions when I need to travel to different sites during the day due to faults and the absence of an engineer on-site. Most of the time, my working day ends at 5pm. As part of my apprenticeship, after six weeks of working on site, I’ll attend college for one week, which I’m looking forward to.”

Hassan’s advice for anyone wanting to land an apprenticeship is simply this: “My advice for those seeking apprenticeships is to focus on improving your CV and applying to as many apprenticeships as possible, ensuring they are in a field you are genuinely interested in.”

We wish you all the luck Hassan and will be following your career with interest.




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