What does this qualification cover?

  • The final grade is achieved from 50% Exam and 50% Coursework
  • The content of this course is broken down in to the following three components:
  1. Principles of Product Design
  2. Problem Solving in Product Design
  3. Design Project

What’s included?

OCR’s A Level in Design and Technology enables learners to take every opportunity to integrate and apply their understanding and knowledge from other subject areas studied during Key Stage 4, with a particular focus on science and mathematics, and those subjects they are studying alongside A Level Design and Technology. This qualification offers the opportunity to apply learners’ wider learning through creativity and innovation.

Key Features

The course follows the OCR Design Technology H406 Product Design Qualification. More information can be found at AS and A Level – Design and Technology – H004-H006, H404-H406 (from 2017) – OCR

This qualification will excite and engage learners with contemporary topics covering the breadth of this dynamic and evolving subject. It will create empathetic learners who have the ability to confidently critique products, situations and society in every walk of their lives now and in the future. Learners will build their skills in thinking and designing to support the requirements that they will need to demonstrate when progressing to higher education or industry.

There is distinct content for the exam and non-exam assessment, but this is held together through nine topic areas that shape all components and give clarity, these are:


  1. Identifying requirements
  2. Learning from existing products and practice
  3. Implications of wider issues
  4. Design thinking and communication
  5. Material considerations
  6. Technical understanding
  7. Manufacturing processes and techniques
  8. Viability of design solutions
  9. Health and safety

Links to workplace

  • By choosing to study Design Technology you will gain access to a wide range of potential occupations
  • Links with employers and work experience will be an integral part of the course and will develop skills to enhance career opportunities
  • Employer mentoring schemes will also be available to help prepare students for hosen pathways on their post 16 courses


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Year 12

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