What does this qualification cover?

The final grade is achieved from 50% Exam and 50% Coursework

The content of this course is broken down in to the following eight bullet points:

    • Unit 1 – New and emerging technologies
    • Unit 2 – Energy, materials, systems and devices
    • Unit 3 – Materials and their working properties
    • Unit 4 – Common specialist technical principles
    • Unit 5 – Specialist material areas (Timbers and Polymers)
    • Unit 6 – Designing principles
    • Unit 7 – Making principles

What’s included?

Our GCSE Design and Technology specification sets out the knowledge, understanding and skills required to undertake the iterative design process of exploring, creating and evaluating. The majority of the specification should be delivered through the practical application of this knowledge and understanding.

Key Features

The course follows the AQA GCSE Design and Technology specification.More information can be found at AQA | Subjects | Design and Technology

In order to make effective design choices students will need a breadth of core technical knowledge and understanding that consists of:
• new and emerging technologies
• energy generation and storage
• developments in new materials
• systems approach to designing
• mechanical devices
• materials and their working properties.

Links to workplace

  • By choosing to study Design Technology you will gain access to a wide range of potential occupations.
  • Links with employers and work experience will be an integral part of the course and will develop skills to enhance career opportunities.


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