Digital Futures: a lesson in risk assessment

Sep 28, 2022

Our Year 12 Year Engineering students have been learning some important lessons in risk assessment processes, in support of their Digital Futures Programme Unit 2 assignment.

Every business has the possibility of a situation that adversely impacts operations. Risk assessments are needed at many levels to determine the most likely impacts, so that contingency plans can be developed to prevent or mitigate them.

Kevin Kerin and Joseph Kerin came in and delivered an interesting and informative lesson to the students to make sure they understood this important aspect of business.

“Our visit was to take the students through the risk assessment process,” explained Kevin.

Kevin Kerin

“We told the students about our firm’s background in Health and Safety and the industries that we have worked in, then we provided real-life examples of where risk assessments were required, and what items would be contained in the risk assessment and where the risk assessment sits within a Health and Safety management system.

“We broke the risk assessment process down into smaller sections, in order for the students to understand risks involved with specific activities, understand who might be harmed and how, and identifying applicable control measures. We provided each group of students with a set of laminated cards, based on a fictitious scenario, in order for them to build a risk assessment as a group.

“We received a great response from the students and it was clear they all fully understood the risk assessment process by the end of their respective lessons.”

  • The lessons were arranged by Mike Hook, Executive Director of LMG, one of UTC Heathrow’s Digital Futures Programme partners.

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