Supporting students’ wellbeing: Sexual Health

At Heathrow UTC, we understand that this is a critical stage in the development of our students’ attitudes, skills and knowledge, and what they will need for a happy, healthy future.

During this period students make judgements about what is normal and acceptable, and make choices based on what they know.

Our role as a school is to support our students to make healthy lifestyle choices. We have been running a series of workshops throughout the year aimed at giving our students everything they need to know about topics such as sexual health, drug use and misuse and mental health.

Our first topic in the series: Sexual Health

Assistant Head of KS4, Learning and Behaviour Mentor and Mental Health First Aider for Heathrow UTC, Gemma Gardiner, tell us about this programme:

“Earlier this year we ran a four-week programme for our Year 10 students in conjunction with Targeted Programmes, an early intervention and prevention service.  Each week we looked at a different area of Sexual Health, and we spoke to students about subjects such as STI’s, contraception and safe sex. We opened up theses discussions to the room to gauge students’ awareness of the subject.

Students were able to attend these sessions as part of their personal development time. Heathrow UTC is now looking to roll out this programme to every year, annually.

Gemma reiterated the importance of these sessions: “young people are so advanced today. I have worked in schools for over ten years and I find that, compared to how it used to be, students are now becoming far more mature more quickly. This means that it is essential that we give them all the information they need, when they need it.”

She continues: “our students were very engaged throughout this programme and were able to explore key topics, answering all the questions they had, and giving them a solid basis of essential information.”

Stay tuned for next week’s topic: drug use and misuse.