Supporting students’ wellbeing: non-contact boxing

Students at Heathrow UTC have been participating in a wellbeing programme over the past academic year.

These wellbeing sessions have focused on spreading awareness of key topics such as mental health, drug use and misuse and sexual health.

This week, our attention turned to our ongoing mentoring programme, through the medium of non-contact boxing, in partnership with SweetScience Fitness.

Year 10 and 11 students have been given the chance to get involved in these sessions as part of their weekly PE lessons every Tuesday and Thursday.

SweetScience offer this influential sports-based programme, actively mentoring students on a variety of important local and national issues. These sessions are run by Leroy Nicholas, Director, Coach and Mentor at SweetScience.

In response to the benefits for students, Leroy said: “We use our programme as a Trojan Horse to teach young people life lessons along with social and moral guidelines, discussing local and national issues such as gang culture and knife crime, to body language and manners, right through to healthy living and nutrition.”

When asked about the sessions, a Year 10 student at Heathrow UTC said: “It’s not just picking up the gloves; it’s a pep talk for our own personal development and a focus on our studies. It’s really good to get this kind of life advice while doing something we really enjoy.”

Heathrow UTC are delighted about the positive impact these sessions have had on their students and are excited for their ongoing success in regards to student development.

Gemma Gardiner, Assistant Head of KS4, Learning Behaviour Mentor and Mental Health First Aider for Heathrow UTC, said: “We wanted an outside party to come in and mentor our students on serious subjects such as knife crime, living a healthy lifestyle – including a balanced diet and peer pressure, by someone outside of the organisation, that they don’t see every day. The students love these sessions and it has proven to be extremely beneficial for them.”