Supporting students’ wellbeing: Drug use and misuse

Our wellbeing series of workshops cover a wide range of topics to help our students make healthy lifestyle choices. We kicked off last week with a look at sexual health. This time round we’re reporting on the drug use and misuse information programme that took place in April.

KS4 students attended a three-week programme on the topic of drug use and misuse which covered cannabis, alcohol and party drugs.

Educating young people on this topic is extremely important as there are many misconceptions about commonly used legal and illegal substances such as alcohol and cannabis. It is essential that they are provided with knowledge on these substances, and their associated risks, to help prevent use and misuse. In particular, young people need to be made aware of the substances that are made to sound harmless but, in reality, carry strong risks.

Both Year 10 and Year 11 students were able to discuss what they already knew, and ask questions on any unknown areas. This helped to open the room to a debate amongst the students.

Assistant Head of KS4, Learning and Behaviour Mentor and Mental Health First Aider, Gemma Gardiner, said of the programme: “It really opened their eyes to this important subject. They learnt a lot of new information, as well as being able to dispel myths. It was a great three-week programme in which the students were engaged throughout.”

Next week, we focus on the important subject of Mental Health…