Students explore vast aircraft in Toulouse

Earlier this month, 37 Heathrow UTC students and four members of staff went on an educational trip to Toulouse.

The group spent two nights in the city, with the first evening providing the chance to practise their French as they explored the local area and ordered food in a restaurant.

On the second day of the visit, students were taken on a tour of the Veolia Waste Water Plant, for the chance to get an insight into the innovative solution to the amount of waste water being produced in Toulouse. This was followed by an Airbus Discovery Tour, which was the main purpose of the trip. Students were able to get a tour of the factory where three airbuses are being manufactured, helping them to gain an understanding of the scale of the operation as they saw the vast size of the planes.

The evening was spent taking a tour of ground-breaking aircraft at Aeroscopia, including the chance to board a concord, before the group enjoyed a bowling tournament.

On the final day of the trip, students visited a planetarium and Imax cinema before returning to London. The experience was highly valuable and students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Adam , Year 13 student, commented: “At the beginning going to the Toulouse, I was a bit worried as to how it was going to be. Paying £325 was a bit much for just going to France. However, I was gravely wrong. On the first day we were met by a lovely looking hotel. The rooms were clean and everything seemed comfortable. We were given a lot of free time, which was good because they treated us like young adults and trusted us. The next few days were packed with activities. However, the best day would have to be when we went to Airbus to see how the A380 is made. The scale of the A380 will never hit you until you are physically there. Overall, I am happy that I went on the trip and it gave me the chance to bond with people that I wouldn’t normally talk to. Hopefully, in the future Heathrow UTC will continue to offer good residential trips.”