New Astronomy GCSE sessions for Year 10 students

We are delighted to announce the introduction of a new enrichment session for our Year 10 students, the Astronomy GCSE (Edexcel). It consists of a weekly hour-long sessions exploring the minutiae of space physics, cosmology and astrophysics. The duration of the course is two years, and will culminate in an examination at the end of Year 11. Successful candidates will receive an extra GCSE grade.

The Astronomy course consists of the following units:

Paper 1: Naked-eye Astronomy                                                Paper 2: Telescopic Astronomy

Topic 1 – Planet Earth                                                                     Topic 9 – Exploring the Moon

Topic 2 – The lunar disc                                                                  Topic 10 – Solar astronomy

Topic 3 – The Earth-Moon-Sun system                                   Topic 11 – Exploring the Solar System

Topic 4 – Time and the Earth-Moon-Sun cycles                   Topic 12 – Formation of planetary systems

Topic 5 – Solar System observation                                          Topic 13 – Exploring starlight

Topic 6 – Celestial observation                                                   Topic 14 – Stellar evolution

Topic 7 – Early models of the Solar System                           Topic 15 – Our place in the Galaxy

Topic 8 – Planetary motion and gravity                                   Topic 16 – Cosmology

Apart from engaging students within a rigorous scientific approach to discovery, empiricism and observational procedures, this course provides an interesting counterpoint to the GCSE Science curriculum, and allows for a deeper investigation into the big questions involving the cosmos and our place within it.