Progress 8

The new Progress 8 headline measure looks at student progress from KS2 to KS4.  Of course, we only have impact on the last two years of this journey and have therefore calculated the Progress 8 measure from the time they start at the UTC until the time they complete KS4. The Progress 8 score for the time students spend at the UTC is 0.75; well above average.

Progress 8 Evaluation for Summer 2017 Examination Results

PPG&TEALSENDUpperMiddleLower MaleFemaleOverall
Actual P80.580.750.830.580.990.620.630.810.410.75
Upper P81.231.951.681.571.711.241.621.271.491.17
Lower P8-0.06-.046-0.02-0.40.26t-0.01-0.350.34-0.660.32
SignificanceAverageAverageAverageAverageWell Above AverageAverageAverageWell Above AverageAverageWell Above Average

At UTC Heathrow, we are pleased to say that our students make very good progress. On joining UTC Heathrow students are roughly a whole grade below where they should be and during the time spent with us at UTC Heathrow, they not only make the progress expected at Key Stage 4 but also make up most of the gap from the time of joining the UTC.

The vast majority of our students do not study the English Baccalaureate as they attend the UTC for a specialist curriculum concentrating, in the main on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Performance data: KS4
Progress 8 score – KS3 to Ks4 (time at the UTC)0.75 (Well above average)
Progress 8 – Ks2 to Ks2 (includes three years spent at previous schools)-0.31 (Average)
Attainment 8 score37.93
% of pupils achieving a strong pass (grade 5 or above) in English and mathematics (up until January 2018 this was a ‘good’ pass)22%
% of pupils entering for the EBacc4%
% of pupils achieving the EBacc
Details of pupil destinations100% positive destinations – 0% NEETS
Performance data: KS5
The progress students have made in English and mathsEnglish -0.27 

Mathematics -0.80

The progress students have made compared with students across England, shown separately for A-levels, academic, applied general and tech level qualifications

A-Levels +0.01

Academic +0.01

Applied General +0.25

Tech Levels -0.62

The average grade your students get at KS5, shown separately for A-levels, academic, applied general and tech level qualifications

A-levels D

Academic D

Applied General Merit +

Tech Levels Dist

Student ‘retention’, shown separately for each qualification type

A Levels TBC

Academic NE

Applied General NE

Tech Levels 51.2%

Student ‘destinations’100% Positive Destinations

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