Our vision and values


We are here to inspire and train the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, engineers, technicians, craftspeople and industrial innovators.

Our vision

At UTC Heathrow we are committed to providing students with an innovative, inspiring and motivational learning environment, to help them gain the most from their education. Our students learn a wide range of practical, analytical and academic skills, giving them a head start on their path to further education or employment. We work hard to prepare our students for the real world, instilling in them a commitment to learning and drive to succeed.

Our mission

We will:

  • Deliver an aviation and engineering focused curriculum
  • Enable students with a wide ability range and from all backgrounds to develop knowledge, practical proficiency and business skills
  • Provide all students with the best possible career opportunities
  • Offer a curriculum that fully prepares our students to enter employment and further training in industry or academic settings

Our values

We are committed to:

  • An innovative learning environment
  • An employment-led focus
  • A partnership of business with education
  • A culture of mutual respect and personal development for our students and staff
  • Supporting every student to achieve his or her full potential
  • Preparing students for an economically and socially successful adult life